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Want to help?

You can make Beyond Patriarchy a fantastically successful event, just by sharing an hour or two of your time! Here are some things needed right now:

Childcare volunteers: Are you responsible and good with kids? Hang out with BP’s youngest revolutionaries. Email beyondpatriarchy@riseup.net.

Interpreters: We need ASL and Spanish interpreters throughout the weekend. Because this is a free gathering and we don’t have a lot of funding, we are especially looking for folks willing to donate an hour or two of services or offer them at a reduced cost. If you can interpret for any part of the conference (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon), please email beyondpatriarchy@riseup.net with your availability and money needs.

Compost and Recycling volunteers: Make sure that BP leaves as little trace on the Earth as possible. Email beyondpatriarchy@riseup.net.

Donate money, food, or anything else you think will be useful: This is what makes the conference free – people what they can to cover costs and provide things that would cost money.  For donations of food or other non-money things, email beyondpatriarchy@riseup.net. For donations of money, mail checks to Survival Center, EMU Suite 1, Eugene OR 97403 (write “Beyond Patriarchy” in the memo line).

Check back here for more exciting opportunities!



1. Jack Gleeman - October 14, 2011

Loony lefties. Sexism, racism, slutwalks blah blah. How about fight a real issue like immigration? Or rising inflation? Forget patriarchy, we’re ALL buggered in about 5 years.

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